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Custom made jewellery

Have you ever dreamed of a specific ring design? 

Or a gemstone of a unique colour? 

Can’t quite find what you are looking for in jewellery shops? 

You are in the right place now.


Working with a trusted and reliable network of gem dealers and jewellers allows me to make any of my clients' ideas happen. I'm here to help you make the perfect jewellery piece for you or your loved ones. Do not worry if you don’t have a definite idea yet – along the process I will suggest certain options and propose out-of-the-box solutions.

Unique designs

With me, you can not only create unique designs but also breathe new life into your old jewels. See your old jewellery piece become something new, reset the stones in a more modern way, and keep the memories and significance attached to the piece while making it your own.

Redesigning old jewellery

The final product is always accompanied by a certificate outlining the materials and gems used in its creation. On top of that, if the jewellery piece contains diamonds, they will also come with certificates detailing the stone's quality.

  • Made to measure jewellery design

  • Specific gemstones in a jewellery piece

  • Breathing new life into old jewels

  • Setting a loose gemstone that you own

  • And many, many more!

Contact me if you are looking for:

My Clients Say


I can definitely recommend  Toi et Moi - Paulina's services. She is the person to turn to in all matters regarding jewellery. I had an emerald ring I barely wore as I didn't quite love the design and together with Paulina we figured out a new design for it with some added diamonds on the sides. I loved being involved in the process of making something so beautiful! 

Alexandra, custom jewellery client

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