Personal Jewellery Consulting

Get unique pieces, save money & wear jewels, that truly reflect you



I’m Paulina,

founder of  Toi et Moi Jewellery Consulting


As a personal advisor I provide my clients with a fun, personalized and exceptional diamonds, gems and jewellery buying experience.  


My purpose is to empower you to make timeless purchases and smart jewellery investments. 

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Contact me!

In person or on the phone, let’s find out what you need. As I learn your criteria, I make sure to find exactly what you’re in the market for.  

Review the options

You are presented with an initial selection of choices within the established budget. If you don’t fall in love with them, we’ll continue the hunt! 

Make a choice

I am here to answer all your questions, help you decide and finally deliver the ideal piece directly to your doorstep. 

How it works

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Custom made & modern jewellery

Life is too short to wear ordinary jewellery! Experience designing your own pieces, get to know new interesting brands. 

Antique and vintage jewellery

Shop with confidence and peace of mind - avoid doubt, overpaying and misinformation.


Gems and jewellery workshops 

Know what you are buying. Learn about types of pearls, how to differentiate Art Deco jewellery and so much more!

Engagement rings

Shopping for that perfect ring with the right diamond often turns out to be tough and overwhelming. Let me help you.


Why should I consider this?


Do away with tedious searches. Be your own jewellery designer, choose gemstones, learn and enjoy an exciting experience.  


Put an end to infinite online scrolling and fruitless wandering around jewellery stores.


Stop overpaying for underwhelming design and mediocre quality. Contact me to learn what is worth paying for and get the best value for money.  



Toi et Moi

Jewellery Consulting


Toi et Moi means "you and me" in French.

It is also the name of  a classic ring style characterised by two gemstones sitting side by side that symbolise two souls. It is belived the popularity of this romantic design has started when Napoleon gave his beloved Josephine a stunning diamond and sapphire "toi et moi" ring.

"Toi et Moi" is also a representation of the relationship I seek to create with my clients. Having a jewellery consultant is a very personal, trust based  long - term relationship that allows to experience jewellery in a completely new way.

Highest quality, education and exclusive client service are my priorities. I want to introduce my clients to the stunning and diverse world of gems and jewellery for them to be able to buy with confidence and pleasure.

About me

Jewellery has always been associated with emotions in my family. It is a symbol of important events, milestones and special moments in our lifes. For me, it's a way to connect the past, present and the future.


It was actually my grandfather who was the first one to buy me an antique ring. I became fascinated with its origins, history and the emotional value it must have represented to so many before me.


This fascination led me to Antwerp in Belgium, the world's diamond capital, where I began my  professional journey at the International Gemological Institute. It has continued ever since! Today I'm an IGI Graduate Gemologist, Pearls Expert certified by the Polish Association of Jewellery Experts (SRJ) and GIA Jewellery Essentials course graduate.


And I am confident it's just the beginning!