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Gems and jewellery workshops 

Education is key.

Knowledge allows for sustainable jewellery investments. Diamonds, coloured stones, pearls, antique jewellery... why not invest in one's own education? 


During individual workshops, I can teach you:

  • how to identify antique jewellery;

  • what questions to ask when buying jewels;

  • how to spot common sales traps;

  • how to use the jeweller’s loupe;

  • and so much more!


It's a flexible service tailored to your interests. You're a pearl lover? Let me know so I can share my knowledge about them with you!

Individual workshops

I also conduct lectures for groups and workshops on the topic of gemology and jewellery. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box topic to explore with your team – contact me and let’s figure out what would be the best option for your needs.

Group workshops

  • Expanding your knowledge of gems and diamonds

  • Getting to know different styles of jewellery

  • Tailor-made lectures on the topic of jewellery and gemology

  • Individual workshops and group ones for businesses

Contact me if you are looking for:

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