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Review your options


The second step in working with me is reviewing your options. This means that whatever you are looking for, I will always present you with several options to choose from.


Engagement rings

If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, I will present you with a choice of gems (diamonds or any other stones you decide on) within your budget and adjusted to fit your specific needs. With my advice and the explanation of the qualities and value of the proposed gems, you can make the best choice for you and your loved one.

Next, you will receive a choice of ring styles based on what you envisioned. This way, you can already see how the final ring will look with the gem you have selected. You can adjust the stone setting – maybe you want 4 prongs holding the ring instead of 6 – or change the material of the ring – e.g. instead of yellow gold, make it with white gold.


The process is specifically designed to give you the possibility of having the perfect ring without overwhelming you with hundreds of options that don’t meet your criteria. This way, you will save time while also making this experience more memorable and personal than just picking a ring out of a shop window.


Custom made jewellery

With custom made designs, you are always kept in the loop about the design process and possibilities. You will receive a choice of different designs based on our conversations about your needs and will be able to alter or choose whatever suits you best.


With custom designs, I can source your dream gem from the best international suppliers, or we can use the gems you have – e.g. in an old piece of jewellery you no longer wear or love.


This process is set up to allow you to be as involved as you want: whether you want every detail in a specific way or you have a general idea and feel like you need professional advice with the details. It’s a perfect way to not waste time looking for the ideal piece that doesn’t exist – just make it with me and have fun along the way.


Antique & vintage jewellery

Are you looking for antique jewellery or vintage jewellery? I will search through my network of trusted professionals to find the piece that matches your criteria and budget restrictions.


With antique styles being so varied and the different gem qualities found in these pieces, it is hard for someone to know their real value at first glance. With my knowledge and expertise, I will provide you with varied options for you to choose from.


I also gladly share my knowledge and guide you through this world of antique jewellery, explaining the differences in gem cuts, materials, and time periods. Hence, you can make an educated choice and know exactly what you are paying for.

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